18 Jul A Culture of Isolation

We are living in a culture of isolation where the highest good is independence. Where we focus on self-esteem, self-worth, self-actualization and becoming the best version of ourselves. This can be achieved through self-help, personal development, self-discipline and self-mastery. We are a culture obsessed with the self to the point that we have lost sight of others. A focus on self is not inherently bad but we must realize that we can only become all that God created us to be with the help and support of others. First and foremost we need God in our lives because without Him the meaning and purpose of our lives is lost. Second, we need to rediscover the true meaning of friendship. We need people in our lives who build us up and encourage us to live a virtuous life. People who love us enough to tell us that what we are doing is wrong; instead of people of celebrate and confirm us in our sins saying “it’s okay” or “just be yourself” or “don’t listen to the haters.”

When we look at the lives of the saints they lived lives of heroic virtue because they had a deep and personal relationship with God and they had people in their lives who encouraged them to seek the truth and live it. Sure there were people who made fun of them, ridiculed them, and sometimes persecuted and killed them, but they were able to stand firm in faith because they knew that what they believed and lived was true, good, and beautiful. It was worth sacrificing everything in this world to achieve.

Isolation is a poison. It makes it easy for us to fall into sin. Then we start to justify our sins and look for others to affirm is in our sin. We see this especially in issues relating to sexuality and marriage. The cultural mindset can be summed up as “my body, my choice” and “as long as there is consent anything is okay.” And if anyone says that sex outside of marriage is wrong or that our understanding of sexuality needs to be based on God’s truth and not our own feelings or pleasure then those people are ostracized and labelled haters, or said to be too judgmental or intolerant. Fraternal correction is no longer socially acceptable. If you do not agree with and fully heartedly support the sinful choices of others then you must be a close minded bigot who is full of hate. When in fact you are trying to love them by willing their good and trying to help them to do what is right.

For those who trying to live a life of faith in accordance with God’s laws, I encourage you to keep the faith and know that God will bless your efforts to live the truth.

Stay tuned for more on this topic. Part Two will focus on Redefining our Terms.