15 Apr Our Talents Are Gifts to Others

This week a friend of mine sent me a YouTube clip of a young girl named Beau Dermott auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent (click here to see the clip). Beau is only 12 years old and she is very talented and she brings a lot of joy to the whole audience. I also love how proud her parents are to see her up on stage and living her dream. They seem very supportive of Beau and are helping her to practice and increase her talent.

The great thing about the Got Talent shows is that ordinary people have the opportunity to be in the spotlight and maybe it can be the beginning of something great in their lives. Even those who do not make it to the final rounds, I think, are winners because they have put themselves out there and given it their best shot. I hope each contestant can walk away feeling good because they gave it their best and they had the courage to overcome their fears and share their talent. I admire the contestants’ courage in putting themselves out there.

The only problem I see with the Got Talent shows is that they typically only feature talents related to showmanship. Essentially they only focus on talents that other people would find entertaining. This is not a huge problem because they are television shows and some talents just wouldn’t be suitable for that medium. For example, a person may be a very talented computer programmer but it is not very interesting to sit and watch him/her work. This might lead people to think that the only worthwhile talents are those in the entertainment industry, but in fact, each one of us has a number of talents which can be used to bring joy to the people in our lives.

Sharing our talents is often challenging because each time we put ourselves out there we risk rejection and ridicule. This happens far too often. We criticise and take for granted people who do not fit in with society’s view of what is important. This is an oversight on our part because it is often these people that we overlook that have the most to offer the world.

Being a talented singer, dancer, musician, actor, etc. is great but it is just as important to be a talented artist, philosopher, writer, orator, chef, tradesman, farmer, businessman, etc. All of our talents are important and can be used in service to others. Even those who we think do not have talent, like those with physical or mental disabilities have a lot to offer the world if only we give them the space they need to share their talents.

I think this is the beauty of the Got Talent shows. They give people like Beau a platform to share their talents with the world. I think we need to find ways to enable each person to share their talents with others. There are too many times when talents are wasted because we mock and ridicule people, or don’t see the value of their talent. We reject people so quickly that they don’t have the confidence to put themselves out there so we lose the chance to get to know them because they hide their talents out of fear of what others might think. We need to empower people to become all that God created them to be and to fearlessly seek opportunities to share their talents with those around them.