17 Feb Overview of the Blog

This blog will be used for a variety of purposes. It shall be used to speak about upcoming events being held at the John Paul II Cultural Centre as well as an educational platform to share our thoughts on a variety of topics ranging from theology and philosophy, to personal development and faith formation as well as topics like economics, finances, politics, current events, etc.

The overall theme of the blog is to provide insights and helpful tips which enable readers to become the best person they can be. Ultimately our goal is to help educate, inform, and guide people to Christ, because in Him we discover the joy we all seek.

The blog will be divided into six categories which will help visitors to quickly find articles of interest to them. These six categories correspond to the six areas of our lives. The categories are; 1. relationship with God, 2. relationship with yourself, 3. relationship with others, 4. health, 5. wealth and 6. our contribution to society. In order to be a healthy and well-rounded individual we must take time to form and educate ourselves in each of these six areas.

To help you understand more about these categories we would like to begin by giving a quick overview of what each category means and the types of articles you may find in each category.

1. Relationship With God:

Our relationship with God is the foundation upon which the rest of our life is built. If we do not have a relationship with God we will find that there is something lacking in our lives; a void which we cannot fill. This is because, as St. Augustine tells us, “you have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”

This section of the blog will have articles related to theology, philosophy and faith formation. The goal of this section is to help people to grow in their understanding and love for the Catholic faith.

The key questions we will help readers to answer are;

  • What is my relationship with God?
  • What is the end goal of my relationship with God?
  • Why is it important to place God at the centre of my life?


2.Relationship with Yourself:

This section of the blog will focus on personal development and fostering our own personal relationship with God. St. Paul tells us that we are temples of the Holy Spirit. This means that God dwells within each of us. The goal of this section of the blog is to help readers to discover God within themselves. We want to help readers to identify the unique talents, skills, and gifts that God has given them, and to figure out how God is calling them to use these gifts in service to others.

This section of the blog will have articles relating to prayer, personal development, faith formation, and the interior life of our souls.

The key questions we will help readers to answer are;

  • What gifts, talents, and skills has God given me?
  • What are the seeds of greatness growing in me?
  • Why is it important that I nurture the gifts God has given me?


3. Relationship with Others:

This part of the blog will focus on our need to enter into communion with others. John Paul II taught us that human beings were created for communion. The need for relationships with others is something we all feel. God created us in such a way that we are dependant on those around us.

In this section we will talk about family, friends, parish communities, the communion of saints and many more topics which are connected to how we relate to those around us.

The key questions we will help readers to answer are;

  • What is the goal of my relationships with others?
  • Why is it so important to foster and develop these relationships?
  • How can my relationships with others enable me to become a better person?


4. Health:

This section of the blog will focus in on the topic of health. This is not just about physical health but a holistic vision of health where we talk about the health of every part of the human person. We will talk about the health of our mind, our body, our soul, and our spirit or emotions.

This part of the blog will have articles on nutrition, agriculture, food, confession, prayer, and personal development.

The key questions we will help readers to answer are;

  • What is the purpose of having optimal health?
  • What does it mean for me to be healthy?
  • Why is it important to find balance and vitality in life?


5. Wealth:

For this topic we will be focusing in on looking after the temporal or material needs of the person. Each one of us needs food, clothing and shelter in order to live. If these basic needs are not met than it is impossible for us to contemplate our relationship with God and others. We need to look after our physical, or bodily, needs in order to free ourselves to think about our spiritual needs.

In this section we will have articles on personal finance, the meaning of work, budgeting, and economics in the ancient Greek sense (i.e. the management of the household).

The key questions we will help readers to answer are;

  • What is the purpose of creating wealth and abundance in my life?
  • What does abundance or wealth look like for me?
  • What is the goal of wealth?
  • Why is it important that I have abundance?


6. Contribution to Society:

This part of the blog will focus on how we can give of ourselves in service to society. All of us are going to die at some point, and we will leave behind a legacy in the minds and hearts of those that knew us. What we will talk about in this section is how to make the world a better place for future generations.

This section of the blog will have articles on stewardship of the earth, philanthropy, family, succession planning and many more topics.

The key questions we will help readers to answer are;

  • What contribution am I making with my life?
  • What legacy am I leaving in the minds of those around me?
  • Why is it import that I serve others?


These six areas are a kind of composite of the human person. Each of us needs to commit to continual growth in all of these areas in order to become, as Matthew Kelly says, the best version of ourselves. All six categories are inter-related and there will be a lot of overlap between the categories. It will become evident that by improving our lives in one area we grow in all the other areas as well.

Looking at all these areas and the questions we will be addressing it can seem like a daunting task to improve ourselves but we must remember that we do not need to address all of these areas at the same time. We can slowly improve our lives one day at a time.

The goal of our lives is to follow Christ through his passion and death to the joys of Heaven. This journey will take our whole lives and Christ tells us that to enter into the joy of Heaven we must “be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” This is an impossible task on our own, but with the grace of God, and by helping each other, we can grow in holiness each day and become the person God created us to be.

We hope and pray that will enjoy reading this blog. Please share our posts with your friends and families so we can reach more people. If you have any comments about any of the posts or if you have questions that you would like us to help you answer then please send us an e-mail at info@jp2centre.org. We are here to help you in whatever way we can to become the best person you can be.

I am a bit of a Tolkien fanatic so you will probably see quotes, pictures, and references to Lord of the Rings from time-to-time so I would like to leave you with the first of many Lord of the Rings quotes;


God bless!